Medication Checking via Chemist On Call

Performance and safety at work can be affected by prescription medication, over the counter, herbal, sports supplements, anaesthetics and internet-purchased medicines.

Having a workplace medication checking service makes certain there is no compromise on safety when employees have to take medication.  Without checking in place, medications can cause serious accidents through unwanted side effects such as dizziness, drowsiness and lack of concentration - particularly hazardous in ‘safety-critical’ environments.


Our solution – Chemist On Call – is a unique, confidential medication checking and advice service that ensures your employees are safe to work without risk of incident, accident or injury to themselves, other workers or the general public.


Whatever medication your employees are taking, our industry specialist pharmacists provide confidence that your workforce receive the most appropriate advice on the risk of side effects, providing clear instructions on work restrictions, if necessary.


Key features of our safety first service:


  • Easy access via telephone or website – both PIN protected for confidentiality
  • Fast response times – instant online & telephone checks
  • No hassle to administer – minimal involvement from HR departments
  • Simple & interactive – clear recommendation reports provided for audit purposes
  • Trend analysis – discover the trends of medication taking in your business
  • Professional communications to your teams - gaining engagement
  • Available 24/7, 365 days a year


Existing Clients

Perform a medication check (requires your Company PIN) by logging in or calling 08456 773 001.