Drug and Alcohol Screening

We provide a full programme of drug and alcohol services.

Drug and alcohol use can create tough challenges, impacting on communities, the workplace, families and individuals. Every day employers have to take on these challenges – often making difficult decisions that will affect the health and wellbeing of those in their employment. The missing link in majority of cases is occupational health. By accessing our full suite of services, you can be reassured that your management programmes will meet the needs of your business.

Our nationwide network of highly trained collection officers are regularly monitored and audited in line with our clinical governance procedures.  The Abbott laboratory we use is accredited to ISO 17025:2017, the laboratory specific accreditation for analysis, and is also certified to ISO 9001:2015, which specifies requirements for quality management systems.

The following drug and alcohol services are commonly performed alongside other occupational health services as part of a combined offering:

  • Emergency or 'for cause' testing-  a standard or premium service which ensures the samples are taken by courier directly to our laboratory for immediate analysis whatever time of the day or night,
    365 days per year.
  • Random and unannounced testing- an easy and fair way to monitor employees for the use of banned substances whilst at work. This is an excellent deterrent for employees in any industry, particularly important if your employees are performing ‘safety critical’ duties in the workplace.
  • Pre-placement and periodic testing - testing to work in line with your recruitment process and your on-going workforce health checking requirements.
  • Point of Care Testing (Integrated cups) - a quick, instant solution to your drug and alcohol testing needs, particularly useful in remote locations and when you want a visible deterrent for your employees
    or pupils.
  • Medical Review Officer Service – Our specialist Medical Review Officers are available to review and interpret positive results, to validate the sample collection and analytical procedures and to explore any alternative explanations for a positive result.  
  • Consultancy and expert witness services – An Expert Witness service for legal cases and operate a results-driven Consultancy Service for our clients.
  • Medication advice service - through Chemist On Call – unique medication checking service to ensure workers are not dizzy, drowsy or suffering other adverse side effects from medication whilst at work.


If you require drug and alcohol services as a stand-alone product, contact our Toxicology business.