Case Management for Workplace Health

  • Research shows that Case Management is one of the most cost-effective services available to employers in reducing sickness absence.
  • The focus is on proactive early intervention, with quick through put from referral to outcome through the production of a report for the manager.
  • Our Case Management team is led by specialists in public and workplace health, they provide “clear, precise, evidence based advice” that the manager can act on.
  • The team is supported by a centrally based Clinical Governance team comprising senior Occupational Health Clinicians that ensure each case is triaged and managed by the correct Practitioner.

We focus on returning the employee to work as soon as it is practical and safe to do so, within a safe environment. There is a clear focus on employer costs and potential lost time associated with any presenting absence.

The service is delivered in a multifunctional way tailored to the individual and organisation via remote case management and /or face to face assessments.

Our network of Occupational Health Practitioners enables our clients to have access to professional support for all their employees, wherever they are based.