Workplace Flu Vaccination Clinics

As the flu season is now underway, it won’t be long until you start seeing its effects on your workforce. Stop this highly infectious illness spreading through your organisation by securing your preferred dates for a Flu Vaccination Clinic. Workplace absence can be costly:

  • In 2012, each absent employee cost their employer £975 on average, and cost to the UK economy of absence was over £14bn. 1
  • In 2013, Minor illnesses (including flu) were the most common reason given for sickness absence. 2

Our Workplace Flu Vaccination Programme can help protect your staff against catching the virus, minimising work absenteeism and associated costs. The Programme includes one of our Clinicians delivering a Vaccination Clinic on your site, as well as relevant supporting materials (e.g. promotional posters and post-vaccination advice).

Book early to secure dates to suit you – vaccinations ideally should take place between September and early November before flu starts circulating in the community. (Please note: numbers will be required at time of booking). 


  • Minimise disruption to daily operations by pre-booking Clinic slots
  • Vaccinations are quick, only 10 minutes needed per person
  • Easy access to the Clinic encourages high staff uptake
  • Eliminates the need for individual doctor/pharmacy visits.

Take action now to keep your staff healthy and fit to work throughout the flu season.

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3 NHS Choices – Effectiveness of flu jab

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