Booking your medical appointments takes just a few minutes using our online portal, making the process of managing your occupational health needs quick and easy. You can:

  • Book appointments – Choose from our network of medical centres throughout the UK. You can select a day and time slot convenient to you.
  • Request on-site services – Certain medical assessments can be performed at your site, as well as drug and alcohol testing if required.
  • Track the status of each booking – The portal provides a summary of every candidate booking, the service type selected, appointment dates/times and
    bookings status.
Online Portal

  • Download candidate results – You can easily view and download your results (e.g. toxicology reports, certificates of fitness for medical assessments, case management reports). Search filters allow candidate results to be found quickly and efficiently, whilst keeping all information confidential. With a tick of a box, results can be saved, printed or sent to relevant line managers, colleagues and candidates.
Download candidate results

  • Send online questionnaires – You can request candidates to complete online self-assessment questionnaires via the portal. Once the request has been triggered by the manager, the candidate will receive a secure link to access the questionnaire. Results will be reviewed and made available via the portal.
  • Submit online forms for review – Forms, such as management referrals, can be submitted online, allowing you to attach supporting documentation. Once completed, the forms are processed by our Operations Team and sent for
    clinical review.

For further information including how to request your portal setup, email

What to Bring

In order to help your screening run smoothly, make sure you go through our screening checklist and know what to bring with you.

Screening checklist

  1. Glasses or contact lenses (if worn)
  2. Hearing aid(s) (if worn)
  3. National Insurance Number
  4. Photographic ID such as Sentinel Card, passport or driving licence
  5. Correspondence from GP/Specialist for any ongoing
    pre-existing condition
  6. Details of all prescribed and over the counter medication taken within the last 10 - 14 days

If you have any queries regarding your appointment, please call us
on 08456 773 002.

Truly nationwide coverage – see our Medical Centre locations.