Engage Your Employees

Good employee health management reduces sickness absence, enhances productivity and contributes to increased staff morale. 

Encouraging your workforce to actively engage in their health, our Employee Wellbeing Programmes create awareness of common health issues and outline simple ways for individuals to lead healthier lifestyles. 

Our clinical teams will support and conduct your chosen programme, eg. ‘Health Essentials’ checks (using quick diagnostic tools to address key areas for health and wellness concern), Wellbeing Days/Fairs. We can also capture data through these assessments which will give an organisational health profile. This enables focused, appropriate health education and programmes to meet the health needs of your employees, whilst supporting public health targets.

Internal ‘positive health’ promotion campaigns can be developed in line with your programme, raising awareness of work related ill health issues and giving general lifestyle advice.


Adopt a more preventative approach to keeping employees healthy. Contact us via the webform or call 08456 773 002 for more information.