Quality Standards

We are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards in all aspects of its work.  Our Clinical Governance team comprises Senior Clinicians who are responsible for continually improving service provision through benchmarking against national standards and regular audits and training.

Our Clinical Governance Framework ensures that robust and practical processes are in place for governance and risk management. Principles include:

  • Clinical Effectiveness
  • Audit
  • Risk Management
  • Effective workforce education and training
  • Measurements through client (patient) feedback/ customer (manager) feedback
  • Policies, protocols and processes which support effective ways of working

Policies and procedures

Our team works in partnership with clients and clinicians in the ongoing development and review of new and existing policies and procedures to ensure a consistent approach.

Quality Accreditations and Certifications

BS EN ISO 9001:2000

ISO 9001:2015

Registration number: QAIC/UK/699-A

A globally recognised standard that any company can adopt to demonstrate a structured approach to quality management.

Audited annually by Q.A. International Certification Limited.

SEQOHS (Safe, Effective, Quality Occupational Health Service)

A set of standards and a voluntary accreditation scheme for occupational health services in the UK and beyond. SEQOHS accreditation is the formal recognition that an occupational health service provider has demonstrated that it has the competence to deliver against the measures in the SEQOHS standards.

Results of our SEQOHS audit in December 2019 highlighted our excellent quality management system, and assessors were impressed by the organisation and responsiveness of our occupational health team.

Accredited for a period of 5 years from the date of certificate and independently assessed.

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RISQS (Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme)

Supplier Number: 094814

Used by buyers of all products and services throughout the GB rail industry. This shows we meet the supplier qualification requirements to be part of this single entry point for suppliers to the rail industry.

Audited annually by Capita.

Transport for London

London Underground

Accredited Occupational Health Service Provider for continual provision of track and safety critical medicals on behalf of London Underground.

Audited biennially by Transport for London (TFL).

Drug and alcohol sample collection and testing services are provided by an Abbott laboratory who is accredited to the international recognised standard ISO/IEC 17025:2017.


They are also able to provide Occupational Health Services via the following certifications:

Achilles UVDB (Utility Vendor Database (UK))

Achilles Chemicals & Allied Industries Global

For a full list of the accreditations and certifications held by the Abbott laboratory performing our drug and alcohol testing, please refer to their website.